System Error E100 | Canon iR1600

Canon copier iR1600 terjadi System error E100 terjadi karena penutup laser tidak bisa terbuka.

Penyebabnya antara lain, colokan drum unit patah, pasang drum unit melenceng atau tak tepat posisinya.
Terakhir ya laser unitnya rusak.

APVC Correction of the Drum | Fotokopi Canon iR2270

Apvc correction of the drum for iR2270/iR2870/iR3570/iR4570.

1. Enter the service mode.
Enter * first, and 2 and 8 at the same time, and then *


3. Press the OK key.
- Paper is fed from the cassette 1 (regardles of size from paper in the cassette).

- If there is no paper in the cassette 1, paper is fed from the lower cassette.

- That paper is delivered as it reamains blank, and APVC Correction is automatically completed.

4. Press the reset key twice to exit the Service Mode.

There are cases where a small amount of toner, which is spilled inside the machine due to toner stirring, is attached to test copies (at the rear surface).
It is solved after making about three test copies.

Error E010 Canon iR2270

Error E010 for iR2270/2870/3570/4570.
Servis Fotokopi.
The rotation of main motor is faulty.

Detection is executed every 10
msec after the start of motor rotation.
However, the drive signal is absent 5 times in sequence.

During motor rotation, detection is executed every 100 msec.
However, the drive signal is absent 5 times in sequence.

Replace the main motor, replace the DC Controller PCB.

After Replacing the Developing Unit

After replacing the developing unit iR2270/iR2870/iR3570/iR4570/iR3530.

Execute the following service mode items:
Copier > Function > Install > STIR-K

Initialize the following service mode items:
Copier > Counter > DBRL-1 > DVG-CYL

A test copy that is made right after the toner has been stirred can be soiled on its back with a small amount of stray toner.

The sympton will likely disappear when 3 or so copies are made.

After Replacement of the CIS

Be sure to enter the value indicated on the CIS label attached to the contact image sensor (CIS) using the following service mode item.

Copier > Adjust > CCD > MTF-MG

Be sure also to update the value indicated on the label found behind the left cover of the reader unit so that it is identical to the value indicated on the CIS label.

for iR 2270/2870/3570/4570/3530