Safety of Toner

Safety of Toner
The machine's toner is a non-toxic material made of plastic, iron, and small amounts of dye.
Do not throw toner into fire. It may cause explosion.

Toner on Clothing or Skin
1. If your clothing or skin has come into contact with toner, wipe it off with tissue; then, wash it off with water.
2. Do not use warm water, which will cause the toner to jell and fuse permanently with the fibers of the cloth.
3. Do not bring toner into contact with plastic material. It tends to react easily.

Detecting the Size of Originals | Canon ir5055/5065/5075

Detecting the Size of Originals.
The machine identifies the size of an original with reference to the combination of measurements taken of the light reflected at specific points of the CCD and the
output of a reflection type sensor.

It takes measurements at 2 points for individual sizes to ensure correct identification even in the event that the original is displaced
while the ADF is being closed.

- for main scanning direction, by the CCD (for AB, 8 points; for inch-configuration, 6 points)
- for sub scanning direction, by a reflection type photosensor (for AB-configuration, 1 point; for inch-configuration, 1 point)

The machine identifies the size of an original as follows:
1) External Light (main scanning direction only)
While keeping the scanning lamp off, the machine measures the CCD level at individual points of measurement in main scanning direction.

2) Sensor Output Level
The machine turns on the scanning lamp, and measures the CCD level at individual points of measurement in main scanning direction. Also, the machine turns
on the LED of the reflection type photosensor in sub scanning direction to measure the sensor output.

It uses the combination of the measurement and the output
to identify the size of the original in question.

Safety of the Laser Scanner Unit | iR1200 Canon Copier

Safety of the Laser Scanner Unit.

The radiation from a laser until can be harmful to the human body.
The machine’s laser scanner unit is sealed by means of a protective housing and external covers, so that the light it produces will not escape outside, ensuring the safety of the user as long as the machine is used under normal conditions.

Troubleshooting The Network

Troubleshooting The Network.
instructions that follow apply only when the machine is connected to a network.
If an attempt to connect to the network fails, the following may be suspected:

a.the connection between the machine and the network is faulty.
b.the machine's TCP/IP setting is faulty.
c.the user's network is faulty.
d.the main controller PCB is faulty.

Make checks by referring to the following detailed instructions:
Making a Check Using a Loopback Address
A loopback address will return before it reaches the network controller. When you execute PING using a loopback
address, you can find out whether the machine's TCP/IP setting is correct.
1) Enter the appropriate loopback address ( for PING.
- If 'NG', check the machine's TCP/IP setting once again, and execute PING once again.
- If 'OK', go to the next check.
Making a Check Using a Local Host Address
A local host address is the IP address of the machine. When you execute PING using the address, it will return after
it has reached the network controller so that you will be able to find out whether the network controller (main
controller PCB) is free of a fault or not.
1) Enter the IP address of the machine for PING.
If 'NG' is indicated, perform the following, and execute PING once again:
- if the IP address of the machine is faulty, check to be sure that the IP address setting is correct or, as necessary,
report to the system administrator to see if the IP address is valid.
- if the main controller PCB is faulty, replace the PCB.
If 'OK' is indicated, suspect a fault in the user's network environment. Report to the system administrator for
appropriate remedial action.

Reduced Page Composition

Reduced Page Composition.

Use it for automatic reduction of 2, 4, or 8 originals, or a double-sided original or a book original for printing on a singe sheet of paper (singe-/double-sided).



Use it to use sheets different from those used for the body for a cover, back cover, interleaf, or chapter leaf. Copies may also be made on sheets for insertion.

Power Switch

Power Switch

The machine is equipped with two power switches: main power switch and control panel power switch. It is turned on when the main power switch is turned on; to end power save mode, low power mode, or sleep mode, turn on the control panel power switch.

Starting Service Mode

Starting Service Mode and Making Selections for iR2270 / iR2870 / iR3570 / iR4570 / iR3530

If you want to execute a machine operation using a service mode item, be sure to disconnect all cables from an
external controller or a network before starting service mode. Particularly, if you are using a FUNCTION
(operation/inspection) mode item, the arrival of a print job from an external source can cause the machine to
malfunction, leading to damage.

1) Press the asterisk key " " on the control panel.
2) Press the 2 and 8 keys of the keypad at the same time.
3) Press the asterisk key " " on the control panel.