APVC Correction of the Drum | Fotokopi Canon iR2270

Apvc correction of the drum for iR2270/iR2870/iR3570/iR4570.

1. Enter the service mode.
Enter * first, and 2 and 8 at the same time, and then *


3. Press the OK key.
- Paper is fed from the cassette 1 (regardles of size from paper in the cassette).

- If there is no paper in the cassette 1, paper is fed from the lower cassette.

- That paper is delivered as it reamains blank, and APVC Correction is automatically completed.

4. Press the reset key twice to exit the Service Mode.

There are cases where a small amount of toner, which is spilled inside the machine due to toner stirring, is attached to test copies (at the rear surface).
It is solved after making about three test copies.

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